4 places to promote your room

You have an amazing room and you’re bringing a great vibe. But where are all the people?

Here are the 4 best places to promote your Airtime room so that you can get as many people as possible dropping in.

1. In your room!

2. In other rooms.

3. In a personal message.

4. On social media.

How to design your social media posts

How to design your social media posts

Make sure to include:

  • What is your room?
  • When are you live? Don’t forget time zone!
  • Where? (On Airtime, or course!)

Use this sticker to let people know where they can find you!

We have dozens of icons for all kinds of topics. Use the one that best represents the topic of your room!

You can also find the icons as colorful, moving stickers, because, why not?


How to use Airtime GIFs on social media

How to share your room

How to share your profle