Getting Started

What is Airtime?

Airtime is a live video platform that allows you to connect with old and new friends in a fun and simple way.

Who can use Airtime?

The site is open to anyone 13 years or older with an active Facebook account. The only system requirements are a webcam and Adobe Flash 10.3 or higher. Airtime currently does not support mobile devices or tablet computers.

Why is meeting new people not supported for my account?

Airtime is currently only available for certain accounts due to legal, language and technological constraints. We're working to open up Airtime to more accounts soon. Additionally, Airtime also requires a minimum number of Facebook friends to maintain site integrity.

Friends and Conversations

How do I reach people I know?

Locate your friend in the list on the right side. Click on their name to view their profile. From there, you can video call, leave a video message, or text chat.

How do I leave video messages for my friends?

If your friend does not answer a call after several rings, you can leave a short video message. They will receive a notification that your video message is waiting at Airtime.

How do I meet new people?

After signing in, you can easily meet new people by clicking “Talk to Someone.” Airtime pairs you with other users based on the information in your profile and the criteria that you select. Once you’re paired with someone, you can see the interests and friends you have in common by clicking the Airtime logo in the center of the screen. You remain anonymous to the other user until either of you sends an “Add” request and the other person accepts it.

How do I change my search criteria?

Match settings can only be changed when you’re not actively searching. Click the stop button to change them.

How do I add or remove friends?

You can add your chat partner as a friend on Airtime by clicking “Add,” to the left of the “next” button. You can remove users from your friend list by clicking on their profile picture, which also removes you from their friend list. Changes to your friend list on Airtime will not affect your Facebook friend list.

How do I look my best on Airtime?

First and foremost, turn on the lights! The best lighting is a small lamp located just behind and above your web camera. Try to avoid strong light from behind or one side. Too much light can also be just as bad as not enough. If your lamp is too bright, try reflecting it off a wall. Second, position your camera around eye level, or slightly higher. If you’re using a laptop, that might mean putting it on top of some books. Adjust your camera position, your seating and your posture until you’re centered, with your head near the top of the frame. Finally, pay attention to what’s behind you. A background that reflects your personality and interests can help spark an awesome conversation.

Account Profile

How do I add or remove interests?

Clicking on an interest in Airtime will show you more information and let you add or remove it. Another way is to click on the “Edit” button next to your name, which will bring up a page where you can reorder, remove and add new interests. When you're editing your profile, the search box allows you to add interests to your profile, and interests can be reordered by clicking and draging. Changes on Airtime don’t update your Facebook interests.

How do I add or remove videos?

Add a YouTube video to your library by searching for in the search box below your video tray, or by clicking on one in another user’s library. To remove a video, mouse over the video thumbnail and click on the “×” in the top right corner.

How do I earn badges and points?

Badges and points are awarded for various actions you can take on Airtime. When you are matched with someone that you do not know, both of you can gain points based on the quality of the conversation and interaction. Fewer points are awarded during conversations between friends. The following badges are available:

Operator: Video call your friends to earn this badge.
Recruiter: You'll get one of these badges for every person you invite who joins Airtime.
Networker: Making a new friend on Airtime will earn you this badge.
Renaissance: You can earn this badge by picking up interests from your chat partner.
Video DJ: Share your best videos and earn this badge.
Social: Earn a Social badge for having matched calls longer than one minute.
Star: Every time a matched chat partner fills your applause meter, you'll get one of these badges.
Founder: This badge is yours by being one of the first million users to sign up for
Early Adopter: This badge was given out to everyone who joined Airtime before we publicly launched on June 6, 2012.

Can I change my name or location?

No, Airtime uses the name and location that you have provided to Facebook and doesn't currently allow you to customize them. This information is private, unless you are speaking with a friend or have sent an accepted “Add” request to your chat partner, or accepted their “Add” request.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by clicking on the “Edit” button next to your name and then the “Account” tab within the page that appears.

Security and Safety

Does Airtime monitor my calls?

It is important to understand the difference between a direct call and a matched call. We refer to any video chat between two Facebook or Airtime friends as a direct call. We do not monitor direct calls on Airtime, allowing our users to always have private conversations with their friends.

Matched calls refer to video chats on Airtime between people who aren’t Facebook or Airtime friends already. Since it’s likely the two people in a matched call don’t know each other, we take periodic screenshots during the video chat to monitor for any inappropriate conduct. Screenshots are taken for all matched calls and we only take screen captures, not video or audio recordings, as part of our safety measures.

How does Airtime monitor my calls with strangers?

After Airtime takes screenshots, they are run through an automated, algorithmic review process which utilizes a variety of custom technologies including face detection and luminosity detection. We store these screenshots indefinitely to detect patterns in abuse and train our algorithmic systems. Screenshots that are flagged as problematic by our systems are then anonymized before they are sent for initial review by our team of trained safety professionals. Any misbehavior on the part of a user in a match will lead to their account being locked immediately.

Does Airtime monitor my messages and posts?

Airtime does not monitor private video messages between friends. However, video posts may be reviewed for inappropriate content in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Why does Airtime require Facebook permissions?

We use Facebook Connect and certain permissions to ensure that Airtime is an easy way to talk with your friends and family.  We need this access to be able to introduce you to new people who have friends or interests in common while maintaining a respectful community of users.  User privacy is important to us, and we are respectful of the access you give us to your Facebook account.

How does Airtime use the extra Facebook permissions?

Friends’ information: Airtime shows which of your friends are available to video chat and content they've recently shared.
Posting on your behalf: When you choose to, Airtime helps you share videos and get live reactions from your friends on Facebook.
Posts in Timeline: Airtime lets you share your Airtime and Facebook video posts with friends.
Facebook chat: Airtime allows you to chat with your friends on Facebook.

What does Airtime post to Facebook on my behalf? Can I turn it off?

Airtime can optionally post activity updates to Facebook when you play videos, add new interests or add friends on Airtime. These posts can be shut off in the “Account” tab of your Airtime profile editing window.

How do I change my password?

Airtime uses Facebook Connect for login, so we do not store any of your user credentials. Click here for more information on changing your Facebook password.

What is Airtime’s approach towards site safety?

Airtime is 100% committed to providing a safe environment and has a zero-tolerance approach towards inappropriate behavior as described in our Terms of Use. To minimize risk, Airtime only matches users under 18 with each other. All content harmful to minors, including content initiated by other minors, will be promptly escalated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Read more about how safety at Airtime works.

How do I protect personal information on Airtime?

When you click on “Talk to Someone,” we initially keep the name and location of each person anonymous. If, during the video chat, one side requests to add the other person to their Airtime friend list and the other person accepts that request, then the names of each person are revealed to the other. Also, minimize risk by never sharing personal information like your date of birth, password, social security number, or credit card number.

How do I report another user?

If you notice a violation of our Terms of Use during a conversation, you can report it to the Safety Team by clicking “Report this User” under the name of the person you are talking to. If you notice a violation after your conversation has ended, you may report it by emailing Please include the date and approximate time you witnessed the violation.


How do I change my camera or microphone settings?

You can change your camera or microphone settings by clicking on the corresponding icon in the top left corner of your video.

Why is my video quality poor?

It is possible that you are either using an internet connection that is too slow or behind a firewall. Please try logging on to Airtime from another connection.

Why is the site telling me that I have no camera when I have one?

Try closing other video chat programs like Skype, iChat, or Gmail. If that doesn’t work, restart your browser or computer and try again.

How can I get help with an issue that is not listed here?

Please email us at if you have any further questions.